SALUS AWRT-TRV 2-PAK-BNDL | Thermostatic Radiator Control Bundle (2pk)


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Salus Thermostatic Radiator Control Bundle (2pk)

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Bundle Features:

  • SG888ZBWH
    • Control your system from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via
      the SALUS Smart Home app
    • Communicates wirelessly with compatible SALUS Smart Home devices for
      quick and easy installation
    • Zigbee HA 1.2 wireless for stable communication over long distances
    • Works with SALUS Smart Home products including thermostats, underfloor
      heating and smart radiator controls, and sensors for a fully integrated
      home system
  • AWRT10RF
    • Wireless communication for systems with or without an internet connection
    • Compatible with SALUS wiring centers/relay controllers, thermostatic radiator valve actuators and demand receivers for appliance heat demand
    • Configurable locally through the intuitive touch keys or remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC
    • Saves installation time and wiring costs
  • ARV10RFM-3
    • Temperature is monitored by the room thermostat, not the valve, for optimum accuracy, efficiency and comfort
    • Control individual radiators or zones from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via the SALUS Smart Home app
    • Works with other SALUS Smart Home products including underfloor heating controls for fully integrated heating systems
    • Modulates independently to find correct temperature and maintain efficiency using one of three control modes: On/Off, Auto or Learning
    • Fits most standard radiator valves with supplied adapter
    • Quick and simple to install
    • Manual override function


Bundle Contents:

  • 1 x SG888ZBWH Universal Gateway
  • 1 x AWRT10RF Wireless Radiant Thermostat
  • 2 x ARV10RFM-3 Thermostatic Radiator 30mm Valve Actuator