SALUS ST898ZB | Optima S Thermostat


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


A stylish contemporary design with intuitive selectable interfaces make the Optima S thermostat the modern multi-stage controller for all types of HVAC systems, from heat pumps to furnace and air conditioners, with or without a C wire.

The SALUS Optima S thermostat is a low voltage thermostat suitable for heat pumps, conventional furnaces and/or air conditioners, and provides the following features.


  • Works with home automation systems to allow smartphones, tablets or PCs to control the HVAC system from anywhere
  • Contemporary deep black display fits any decor
  • Simple display mode option provides a clean simple interface
  • Display dimming keeps temperature visible without lighting up the room
  • Automatic Heat/Cool changeover for attention free comfort
  • Push terminals for easy, quick and simple installation
  • Contemporary deep black LCD display
  • Touchscreen user input
  • Simple or detailed display mode
  • Always on (auto-dimming) display option if using C wire
  • Support for 2 stage heat pump with auxiliary heat
  • Support for 2 stage conventional furnace and/or air conditioner
  • Automatic Heat/Cool changeover
  • Works with ZigBee home automation systems
  • Time and date display when connected
  • Push button terminals
  • 2x AA alkaline batteries for non-C wire or backup operation
  • Up to 18 months on a set of AA alkaline batteries