SALUS ST101ZB | Low Voltage Fan Coil Thermostat


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


WIRELESS FAN COIL CONTROL – monitoring and controlling a fan coil system can now happen anywhere, even across the globe. With a SALUS connected fan coil thermostat and an internet connection, home and business owners can now see what their fan coil systems are doing and change their settings.


  • 2-pipe and 4-pipe compatibility
  • 3 speed fan control with automatic speed selection based on difference between ambient and set temperatures
  • Seasonal changeover based on pipe temp input
  • Automatic changeover based on set temperature
  • External temperature sensor input
  • Setback contact input
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Pipe flush for proper pipe sensing
  • ZigBee based protocol
  • Automatic power selection for line powered model
  • Push button terminals on low voltage model
  • Two models:
    • ST100ZB Line Power Fan Coil Thermostat
    • ST101ZB Low Voltage Fan Coil Thermostat
  • Intuitive controls for ease of use
  • Seasonal and automatic changeover keeps rooms comfortable
  • Stylish contemporary design fits any décor
  • Control the system from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, or computers when connected to a cloud service
  • Drop-in replacement for 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems for ease of installation in apartments, condos, hotels, etc.
  • Easily manage large deployments for commercial and hospitality projects using the Salus back office service