SALUS SS882ZB | Door & Window Sensor


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS SS882ZB Door / Window Sensor is a simple device that
connects wirelessly with the Universal Gateway as part of the SALUS Smart Home system. By detecting when doors and windows have been opened or closed, smart rules can be triggered to control other devices to save energy, improve efficiency, security or convenience.

The sensor sits across both sides of the opening of a door or window and when the contact is closed or opened, a signal is sent wirelessly to the gateway. User programmed rules easily created in the Smart Home app then define what should be done in response and the gateway wirelessly controls the appropriate device.


  • Add smart functionality to your SALUS Smart Home system by monitoring door/window usage and triggering applications accordingly
  • Improve home security by monitoring door/window access from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via the app
  • Optimize heating/cooling efficiency by controlling your thermostats to react when doors or windows are opened
  • Program your system to remind you if doors or windows are left open when you leave the home
  • Zigbee HA 1.2 wireless for stable communication over long distances
  • Works with SALUS Smart Home products including thermostats, underfloor heating and smart radiator controls and other sensors for a fully integrated home system