SALUS SG888ZB | Universal Gateway

Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS SG888ZB Universal Gateway is the heart of a SALUS Smart Home system that allows SALUS Smart Home devices to interact with one another and the SALUS Smart Home app. The SALUS gateway coordinates the Zigbee HA wireless protocol that the SALUS Smart Home family of devices use to interact, and connects to the home Wi-Fi or Ethernet to create a secure path to the SALUS Smart Home app. Unlike some connected home systems, the Gateway is the only device that needs to be connected to the internet, so it is quick to setup and simple to manage and grow the Smart Home system with more devices as required.


  • Control your system from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via the SALUS Smart Home app
  • Communicates wirelessly with compatible SALUS Smart Home devices for quick and easy installation
  • Zigbee HA 1.2 wireless for stable communication over long distances
  • Works with SALUS Smart Home products including thermostats, underfloor heating and smart radiator controls, and sensors for a fully integrated home system