SALUS SC906ZB | Pvc Ball Valve Controller


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS SC906ZB Ball Valve Controller integrates with existing Spears© CWV PVC ball valves and the SS901ZB Water Leak Sensor to prevent water leak catastrophes.

  • Compatible with SALUS Smart Home application on your
  • Smart Device or PC
  • No need to drain the water supply system to install the
  • controller
  • SS901ZB Water Leak Sensor is battery-operated & waterproof
  • Multiple Water Leak Sensors can activate a single valve
  • Override the SC906ZB Controller mechanically or
  • electronically directly at the valve


  • Communicates with SALUS Smart Home automation system
    • Automated water flow shutoff
    • Status monitoring
    • Wireless firmware updates
  • SC906ZB Ball Valve Controller works with existing Spears CWV PVC ¾” and 1” ball valves
    • Powerful motor with up to 65 in-lb of torque*
    • Closes in 15-20 seconds
    • Stays connected to SS901ZB Sensor without internet connection
    • Operates with line voltage adapter or battery power
    • Local status LED / Local Manual Override
  • SS901ZB Sensor
    • Can be installed with or without the included mounting bracket
    • Supplied with a 6-foot (2 meter) extension cable for hard to reach locations.