SALUS AVA10M30RF | Steam Valve Actuator


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS Valve Actuator gives you precision control of the steam heated room temperature from anywhere in the world.

Replace the traditional steam valve actuator with the SALUS Valve Actuator and a compatible thermostat to get:

  • Valve control based on the actual ambient room temperature for increased comfort
  • Remote control and monitoring for greater convenience
  • Single thermostat control for multiple valve actuators in a room or zone for consistency
  • Precise control of room temperature for increased energy efficiency
  • Rule based response to window or door opening and closing for energy savings


  •  Temperature is monitored by the room thermostat, not the valve, for optimum accuracy, efficiency and comfort
  • Control individual radiators or zones from anywhere using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC via the SALUS Smart Home app
  • Works with other SALUS Smart Home products for a fully integrated home control systems
  • Uses one of three control modes (On/Off, Auto or Learning) to find the correct setting and maintain efficiency
  • Fits most standard radiator valves with supplied adapter
    Quick and simple to install for most home DIY users
  • Manual override available