SALUS AKL04PRF | Wireless Pump Relay Controller



Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS Wireless Pump Relay Controllers are devices that communicate with wireless thermostats and receivers to control traditional heating pumps and boilers, and provide the following functions and features:


  • Primary pump control
  • Priority zone support (domestic hot water)
  • Purge –Priority pump continues to run for 2 minutes after end of priority call
  • Exercise – pumps turn ON for 30 sec. after 72 hours of inactivity
  • Thermostat grouping
  • ZC/ZR boiler enable support
  • Wireless boiler XX support with a Zigbee Receiver (AX10RF)
  • XX and AUX normally open contacts support
  • Master / Slave function for up to 5 units (1 master / 4 slaves)
  • External Antenna for sheltered locations
  • LED indicators for zones and Priority status
  • 3 models:
    • AKL01PRF–single zone
    • AKL04PRF– 4 zone
    • AKL06PRF– 6 zone