SALUS AE10RF | Zigbee Repeater


Available exclusively through our distributor network.


The SALUS AC10RF Co-ordinator is a simple USB powered device that coordinates SALUS Smart Home enabled devices across the Zigbee network when a Basic Gateway is not used. The AC10RF can handle up to 30 AS20RF thermostats to coordinate up to 90 ARV10RFM actuators. When more than 32 battery powered devices are used, USB powered AE10RF ZigBee Repeaters may be required depending on which SALUS Smart Home compatible AC powered devices are on the network. The ZigBee Repeater can also be used to boost the signal or extend the network when required, for example, areas with numerous concrete obstructions or for extended distances between devices.


  • Extends the range of network in areas with obstructions or between extended distances
  • Increases the capacity of battery powered devices on the ZigBee network by 32
  • On systems with a Basic Gateway, the AE10RF works with SALUS Smart
  • Home products including thermostats, underoor heating and smart radiator actuators and other sensors for a fully integrated, remotely  accessible home system